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Man holding corn snake

What can you feed a pet snake? It depends

As the owner of a pet snake, you’ll have to feed your carnivore meat, but the type and frequency of feedings will vary. Here's what snakes eat.
An overweight pug standing on a bed.

These 10 dog breeds are prone to obesity

These dog breeds are notorious for obesity issues.
Happy Maltese dog out for a walk.

These dog breeds are the easiest to potty-train

Potty training these dog breeds isn't difficult, as they are easy to train.
Two dalmatians running in a field.

3 myths about Dalmatians you probably believe

We debunk myths about dalmatians most people think are true.
Vet weighing dog on scales.

7 effective ways to help your obese dog lose weight

Is your dog obese? Here's how you can help them trim down.
A bee pollenating Russian Sage.

5 pet-safe plants to have in your home in October

These festive October plants are safe for your pets.
A long-haired calico cat with green eyes gazes up at the camera.

5 fun facts about calico cats you should know

Here's what you should know about calico cats and their breed.
A veterinarian in blue scrubs listens to a senior German Shepherd on an exam table.

Experts explain how to treat anemia in dogs and prevent it from returning

Experts weigh in on treating anemia in dogs and prevent it from returning.
Man with dog on fall hike.

The best places to vacation with your dog in October

These dog-friendly vacation spots are amazing to visit in October.
Amazon Astro home assistant waits at the door

Amazon’s new Astro ‘robo dog’ is a total game-changer

Amazon's new Astro robo dog is a hot new must-have gadget.
A brown tabby cat lying near a space heater.

5 things pet parents should know before getting that space heater

Follow these space heater safety tips to keep your pets from harm.
A woman uses her phone to photograph a beige dog wearing white sunglasses.

How the new iPhone 13 can make your life as a pet parent easier

The new iPhone 13's upgraded features make it ideal for pet parents.
Child kissing a siamese kitten.

4 best cat breeds if you have kids

These cat breeds usually get along well with kids.
Actor Dave Bautista attending the Venice Film Festival.

Dave Bautista adopts abused puppy and offers $5,000 reward for more information

Dave Bautista adopted an abused puppy and now he's seeking justice.
A woman in a gray tank top uses her phone while cuddling a beige dog.

5 features about the new iPhone 13 camera that pet parents will love

The new iPhone 13's upgraded camera features are perfect for pet parents.
A white dog and a brown dog playing in a park.

How to find furry friends for your small dog to socialize with

We show you how to find other small dogs your pup can socialize with.
Parents and children walking dog.

5 lessons learned from adopting a pet during the pandemic

This is everything we learned about pet adoption from the pandemic.
old senior golden retriever

4 great ways to help your senior dog deal with changing weather

Cold weather can exacerbate ailments in older dogs. Here's what to do.
A Beagle puppy sitting beside a broken potted plant.

6 indoor plants that are safe for your dog

These indoor plants are totally safe to grow around dogs.
A calico cat yawns and stretches out on top of white bedding.

Calicos and torties have the most personality — is it because of their coats?

Black, orange, white — here's what your cat's color really means.
a woman checks her phone and smiles as she cuddles her Shiba Inu

Good, better, best: Dog DNA kits worth the investment

These dog DNA kits can tell you a lot about your pup.
Four dogs on a walk in park

How to find the perfect dog walker for your pet

This is how to find a dog walker you and your pet will love.
Cat wrapped in fleece blanket.

4 useful tips to help your arthritic cat this fall

Does your cat have arthritis? Here's how to keep them healthy in fall.
silhouette of girl walking her dog at sunset

6 safety tips you must know when you take a dog for a walk at night

Here's what you need to know before you take your dog for a walk at night.
Vet checking dog's eyes.

What you need to know about ataxia in dogs

Is your dog weak, stumbling, and off balance? Here's what you need to know about ataxia.
A black and rust Doberman looking directly into the camera.

3 myths about Dobermans you probably believe

Dobermans have an undeserved reputation. We debunk the myths.
A brown Chihuahua perched on a sofa next to a space heater.

5 pet-friendly features to look for in a space heater

If you're investing in a space heater, make sure it has these pet-friendly features.
Two women with dogs and a cat in a carrier.

9 questions you must ask a pet sitter before you hire them

If you're hiring a pet sitter, make sure you ask them these questions first.
someone brushes the fur of an Alaskan Malamute

Reduce dog shedding with these helpful tips

Want to reduce the amount of dog hair you're cleaning up? Try these strategies.
pet profiles prince profile

Pet profiles: This Weimaraner is a true prince

Meet Prince, a regal Weimaraner who's ready to snuggle his way into your heart.
Two ferrets look out of a carrying case

Do boarding facilities take pets that aren’t cats or dogs? What you need to know

Wondering what to do with your small pet when you go on vacation? These are your options.
Close up of bulldog's face.

Aggressive breeding has ruined these 10 dog breeds’ health

These dog breeds look totally different than they did 100 years ago.
Dog memorial stone.

6 meaningful ways to honor a beloved pet who passed

If you're looking for a way to memorialize your pet, try these options.
Girl petting mini horse in a zoo

5 simple ways to get involved for Farm Animals Awareness Week

Here are five ways you can help farm animals this week and in the future.
girl and her dog cuddling in tent

The ultimate checklist for camping with your dog

Make sure you've got everything on this list before you take your dog camping.
Little girl holds her pet iguana

8 effective tips for iguana training

Iguanas are beautiful creatures, but they do have sharp claws and teeth, as well as a powerful tail. Here's how to train them so they don't mind being handled.
a golden retriever rolls around happily in the sand at the beach

Why now is actually the perfect time to bring your golden retriever to the beach

Summer might be the most popular season to go to the beach, but here's why you should take your dog in the fall.
Miniature Schnauzer in dog show.

5 health issues to look out for in your miniature schnauzer

Miniature schnauzers are adorable, but they are prone to some health problems. Here's what you should know.
A tuxedo cat hiding inside of a paper bag.

4 incredible ways to calm a cat who’s scared of everything

Knowing how to calm a scared cat is important. Try these tips and tricks.
pet technology security dog phone

3 amazing tech finds that can help you keep an eye on your pets

Going on vacation or back to work? These tech devices will give you peace of mind that your pets are safe.
how to brush cat teeth toothbrush

Cat teeth cleaning is easy if you follow these tips

Your cat may not love having their teeth brushed, but it’s important. Here’s how to make it easier on you both.
Three rats crawling around a kitchen sink.

How to protect your home from rodents without harming your pets

Do you have a pest control problem in your house? Here's how to eliminate pests and keep your pets safe.
Woman kissing a Boston terrier on the couch.

6 best dog breeds for apartment living

These amazing dog breeds don't need a lot of space.
A tan and white dog having his teeth brushed with a red toothbrush.

Why your dog’s gums aren’t pink (and what to do about it)

Are your dog's gums white, red, or brown? Here's what the color of your dog's gums means.
A group of dogs outside playing at daycare.

7 signs a pet boarding facility is no good

Boarding your pet can be a great option, but these are the warning signs you should look for a new facility.
Young girl hugging elderly dog.

How to help a child who just lost their pet

Losing a pet is hard for anyone. Here's how to help a child through the grief.
A striped brown cat crouches behind long, thin plant leaves.

8 indoor plants you should never grow if you have cats

You should avoid these houseplants if you have cats.
fall activities dogs black labrador retriever dog woman autumn hike

6 fun fall activities your large dog can join in on

These six activities are fun to do with your dog in the fall.
Dog with paws on suitcase in hotel room.

These are our favorite pet-friendly hotel brands

If you're taking your pet on vacation, try these amazing pet-friendly hotel brands.
A gray and white kitten sniffing a flower in the grass.

10 things toxic to cats you probably have in your home

Keep your cat safe by keeping these harmful household items far away from them.