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Getting Started

A woman lies on the couch with a husky mix dog

You won’t even believe how much it really costs to have a dog

The cost of having a dog is so much more than we ever expected.
Gray and white kitten in a box with its mouth open

How (and when) do kittens lose their baby teeth?

Here's when you can expect your kitten to lose their baby teeth.
White cat wearing a Santa hat

Watch for these hidden holiday dangers that could put your pet’s safety at risk

Hidden dangers to your pets you need to avoid during the holidays
Golden retriever pup out for a walk.

When do puppies start taking walks? How to know when your pup is ready

Puppies start walking earlier than one might expect.
Mom with her newborn puppies.

What are the development stages that a puppy goes through? What to expect

Here's info on the development stages that puppies go through.
A closeup of three white, blue-eyed kittens on a man's lap.

When can you expect kittens to start walking? What first-time owners should know

How to be prepared once your kittens start walking

Woman finds her tiny dog being stalked by a mountain lion by the back door

Viral video shows a Shih-Poo watching a mountain lion right outside the house.
Golden Retriever and cat sitting together

Video of cat pushing senior dog down the stairs has people all bent out of shape

Viral video shows a cat pushing an elderly dog down the stairs.
Orange and white kitten lying on a bed, playing with a feather wand toy

You won’t believe what the most popular boy kitten names are

The list of most popular boy kitten names has some surprises
French bulldog looking up at poinsettia.

Why you’ll want to keep your pet away from poinsettias this holiday season

Poinsettias can pose a danger to pets. Here's what you should know.
how to ace dog application

Want a successful adoption application? Follow these tips from Toronto rescues

Toronto rescues are sharing tips on how to be successful with your dog adoption application.
A dog and cat cuddle under a blanket together in front of a Christmas tree and presents

How to choose the right pet with your head instead of your heart this season

Here's a guide on how to choose the right pet this holiday season
An overweight Labrador retriever lying on the floor.

2022 tips and tricks: How to get your pet to lose a few pounds

Here are tips and tricks for how to get your pet to shed a few pounds.
Cat under the Christmas tree

Watch out! 5 common holiday dangers that pose a risk to your pet

Here are some common holiday dangers for your pet to be on alert for.
A husky puppy sits in the grass and looks up at their owner during training.

Don’t make these common mistakes when disciplining your new puppy

Learn how to discipline your puppy the right way with positive reinforcement
Adorable baby and puppy.

Is parenting a puppy like raising a baby? A new study offers surprising insights

A new study indicates that puppy owners lose just as much sleep as parents of a newborn
how to house train puppies

How to house train your puppy without losing your mind

Housetraining isn't as hard as you think. Follow these tips.
a bowl of kibble with dog paws on wooden floor

Wondering how much to feed a puppy? You’ll want to be careful

Follow these guidelines to know how much to feed your puppy.
A Golden Retriever licks his nose while he eats.

Are dog food subscriptions worth the money? Pet parents have opinions

These are the best dog food subscriptions that you can buy.
A long-haired gray cat is wrapped up in a towel with shampoo on her head.

What are the best cat-safe shampoos? Cat owners love these brands

There are the best cat shampoos to buy for your pet.
dog stealing roasted chicken

5 simple solutions to keep your dog off your clean kitchen counters

Here are some solutions for keeping your dog off the counter
telemedicine for dogs shutterstock 1724880328

Get ready: The telemedicine trend is coming for your pet

Veterinarians are turning to telemedicine to treat pets instead of in-office visits.
Online pet pharmacies.

Are online pet pharmacies safe? You’d better do your research

Here's what to look for when choosing a reputable online pet pharmacy.
dachshund puppy and shredded toy

Stop making these awful mistakes when disciplining your dog

Here are X mistakes you're making when disciplining your dog
leashed beagle on walk

How often should you walk your dog? Probably much more often than you do now

This is how often you should be walking your dog to keep him healthy
Siamese cat crouched down in a grassy area

These low-shedding cat breeds are great if you want a low-maintenance pet

These are the most low-shedding cat breeds for low-maintenance.
Kitten biting the toe of a blue Croc shoe

How to stop a kitten from biting once and for all

Here's how to stop your kitten from biting you once and for all.
A beautiful striped Maine Coon cat lying on a wood floor.

Are you taking your cat to the vet often enough? The answer is probably ‘no’

What you need to know about how often to take a cat to the vet
yellow dog sneezing

What is reverse sneezing, and why do dogs do it?

Here's what a reverse sneeze is and why some dog breeds do it.
bloodhound tracking in forest

Which dog has the best sense of smell? See if you can guess correctly

This is the dog breed with the best sense of smell
Cute mixed breed dog wearing a bandana.

How to identify your dog’s breed when you aren’t sure what they are

Here's how to identify what breed your dog is if you're unsure
man with gray checkered shirt holding his gray long-haired cat

Woman sparks outrage after forcing husband to get rid of his cat for her dog

A woman forced her husband to get rid of his cat to accommodate her dog.
Veterinarian examines a rabbit's ears on a table

How often should rabbits go to the vet? Here are some guidelines to follow

Here's how often you should take your pet rabbit to the vet.
custom dog food shutterstock 529157980 2

Is custom-formulated dog food ordered from the internet really better?

Is custom dog food really better for your dog? Here's what the experts say
A red hound dog jumps over a tree while carrying a green toy.

5 fun games you can play with your dog that go beyond ‘fetch’

Here are 5 fun games that you can play with your dog.
A baby pets a brown tabby cat.

How to introduce a cat to your baby the right way

Here's how to introduce your cat to a new baby safely.
Red and blue betta in aquarium

6 best tank mates for bettas you should consider

These aquarium fish are compatible with bettas and can live with them.
Senior German shepherd at vet.

Why weight loss in senior dogs is a reason to see a vet immediately

Weight loss can be a bad sign in senior dogs. Here's what you should know.
A puppy reaching his paw out through cage bars for a woman's hand.

Follow these 10 Twitter accounts to be better educated about protecting animals

These animal-focused Twitter accounts are super informative.
Parrot gets his winged examined by a vet

How to clip a bird’s wings so you don’t injure them

If you're considering clipping your bird's wings yourself, read this first.
A black and white Boxer wearing a gray sweater standing near a snowy hedge.

6 safety precautions dog parents should take when cold weather hits

Here's what you need to know about taking your dog outside in cold weather.
A Siamese cat lies beside a stucco wall.

6 amazing cat breeds for first-time pet parents

These low-maintenance cat breeds are great for beginners.
cat and dog at vet

Keeping dogs and cats healthy during cold and flu season: An expert weighs in

Dogs and cats get colds and flu, too. Here's how to keep them safe this season.
A vet holds a beige Cocker Spaniel puppy and an orange tabby kitten.

Pet wellness plans vs. pet insurance: What’s the difference?

This is what you need to know about pet wellness and pet insurance plans.
Homeless man with dog.

Why pet food pantries are a lifeline to animals in need and how you can help

Here are 7 ways you can help pet food pantries and animals in need.
dog ghost happy halloween

3 great Disney+ pet movies to watch on Halloween

Trick or treat! These movies featuring animals will put you in the Halloween mood.
A St. Bernard cuddling two blue-eyed kittens.

6 best large dog breeds that get along with cats

These large dog breeds are know for being friendly with cats.
A gray and white pit bull puppy playing with a pink and green tennis ball.

5 reasons why you should rescue or adopt a pit bull

Pit bulls make great pets. Here's why one might be right for you.
Dog looking out from behind a fence.

8 incredible ways to donate to pets in need

Here's how you can help dogs and cats who are in need.
Two women petting cats in a cat cafe.

These are the best (and worst) cities for cat lovers

Do you live in one of the best cities for cat lovers? We've got the list.