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yellow dog sneezing

What is reverse sneezing, and why do dogs do it?

Here's what a reverse sneeze is and why some dog breeds do it.
bloodhound tracking in forest

Which dog has the best sense of smell? See if you can guess correctly

This is the dog breed with the best sense of smell
Cute mixed breed dog wearing a bandana.

How to identify your dog’s breed when you aren’t sure what they are

Here's how to identify what breed your dog is if you're unsure
man with gray checkered shirt holding his gray long-haired cat

Woman sparks outrage after forcing husband to get rid of his cat for her dog

A woman forced her husband to get rid of his cat to accommodate her dog.
Veterinarian examines a rabbit's ears on a table

How often should rabbits go to the vet? Here are some guidelines to follow

Here's how often you should take your pet rabbit to the vet.
custom dog food shutterstock 529157980 2

Is custom-formulated dog food ordered from the internet really better?

Is custom dog food really better for your dog? Here's what the experts say
A red hound dog jumps over a tree while carrying a green toy.

5 fun games you can play with your dog that go beyond ‘fetch’

Here are 5 fun games that you can play with your dog.
A baby pets a brown tabby cat.

How to introduce a cat to your baby the right way

Here's how to introduce your cat to a new baby safely.
Red and blue betta in aquarium

6 best tank mates for bettas you should consider

These aquarium fish are compatible with bettas and can live with them.
A tabby cat stretched out on a faux fur rug near a space heater.

Good, better, best: Space heaters that are safe if you have pets

We love these pet-friendly space heaters that are safe for your pets.
Senior German shepherd at vet.

Why weight loss in senior dogs is a reason to see a vet immediately

Weight loss can be a bad sign in senior dogs. Here's what you should know.
A puppy reaching his paw out through cage bars for a woman's hand.

Follow these 10 Twitter accounts to be better educated about protecting animals

These animal-focused Twitter accounts are super informative.
Parrot gets his winged examined by a vet

How to clip a bird’s wings so you don’t injure them

If you're considering clipping your bird's wings yourself, read this first.
A black and white Boxer wearing a gray sweater standing near a snowy hedge.

6 safety precautions dog parents should take when cold weather hits

Here's what you need to know about taking your dog outside in cold weather.
A Golden Retriever digging a hole in a yard.

Why do dogs bury bones? The answer is quite interesting

This is why your dog loves burying bones (and other things).
A Siamese cat lies beside a stucco wall.

6 amazing cat breeds for first-time pet parents

These low-maintenance cat breeds are great for beginners.
cat and dog at vet

Keeping dogs and cats healthy during cold and flu season: An expert weighs in

Dogs and cats get colds and flu, too. Here's how to keep them safe this season.
A vet holds a beige Cocker Spaniel puppy and an orange tabby kitten.

Pet wellness plans vs. pet insurance: What’s the difference?

This is what you need to know about pet wellness and pet insurance plans.
Homeless man with dog.

Why pet food pantries are a lifeline to animals in need and how you can help

Here are 7 ways you can help pet food pantries and animals in need.
dog ghost happy halloween

3 great Disney+ pet movies to watch on Halloween

Trick or treat! These movies featuring animals will put you in the Halloween mood.
A St. Bernard cuddling two blue-eyed kittens.

6 best large dog breeds that get along with cats

These large dog breeds are know for being friendly with cats.
A gray and white pit bull puppy playing with a pink and green tennis ball.

5 reasons why you should rescue or adopt a pit bull

Pit bulls make great pets. Here's why one might be right for you.
Dog looking out from behind a fence.

8 incredible ways to donate to pets in need

Here's how you can help dogs and cats who are in need.
Two women petting cats in a cat cafe.

These are the best (and worst) cities for cat lovers

Do you live in one of the best cities for cat lovers? We've got the list.
a chihuahua sits on a potty pad on a wooden floor

4 wee-wee pad training mistakes to avoid with your puppy

Avoid potty training messes. Don't make these mistakes.
german shepherd and cat

Pet profiles: The DevOps pack that keeps PawTracks up and running

This trio of furry friends is here to steal your heart--and quite possibly your treats.
A small brown terrier wears a ghost costume and carries a trick-or-treat basket in his mouth.

6 cheap and easy Halloween costumes for pets

These pet Halloween costumes are cheap and easy to make right at home.
yellow dog on black suitcase

7 incredible dog-friendly places in California to take your pet this fall

These dog-friendly California spots are fantastic to visit with your pet.
A West Highland White Terrier dressed as Dracula sits on a pumpkin-covered porch.

6 best scary pet costumes for a spooky Halloween

These are the best scary costumes for dogs this Halloween.
A white Swiss Shepherd Dog wears a black witch hat and sprawls out next to a Jack-o-Lantern bucket.

6 best Halloween pet accessories to adorn your furry friend

These are the best pet accessories for Halloween this year.
Flock of homing pigeons flying

5 crazy facts about pigeon training you probably don’t know

How much do you know about pigeon training? Here are the facts.
yellow lab lying in green grass

These 4 podcasts will make you a better pet parent

We're obsessed with these amazing pet podcasts for animal lovers.
An obese tabby cat perched on a red wooden table.

Is your cat obese? 5 ways to help them slim down

Help your obese cat lose weight with these strategies.
A Golden Retriever wearing a ghost bandana snuggles a brown-haired woman wearing a red scarf.

6 Halloween dog bandana costumes that are too cute to resist

These are the best dog bandana costumes for Halloween this year.
A man and a woman greeting their new shelter dog.

4 incredible ways to make a difference during Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Here's how you can help during Adopt A Shelter Dog month.
An American Bobtail kitten with amber eyes standing on a wood plank floor.

6 great reasons an American Bobtail might be the right cat for you

Here's why you should consider an American bobtail cat.
A Golden Retriever stands outdoors. He's wearing a wizard costume and clutching a pumpkin Halloween basket between his teeth.

Things to avoid when picking a Halloween costume for your pet

Here's what you'll want to avoid when picking a pet Halloween costume.
white maltese lying in suitcase

6 great fall activities to do with your dog in Texas

These dog-friendly Texas spots are fantastic to visit with your pet.
A brown French Bulldog dressed as a pirate standing on a ship's dock.

6 best Disney pet Halloween costumes

These are best new Disney Halloween costumes for pets.
A brown Maine Coon cat with bright green eyes standing outside.

These are the 8 best cat breeds for apartment living

If you live in an apartment, consider these cat breeds.
Man holding corn snake

What can you feed a pet snake? It depends

As the owner of a pet snake, you’ll have to feed your carnivore meat, but the type and frequency of feedings will vary. Here's what snakes eat.
An overweight pug standing on a bed.

These 10 dog breeds are prone to obesity

These dog breeds are notorious for obesity issues.
Happy Maltese dog out for a walk.

These dog breeds are the easiest to potty-train

Potty training these dog breeds isn't difficult, as they are easy to train.
Two dalmatians running in a field.

3 myths about Dalmatians you probably believe

We debunk myths about dalmatians most people think are true.
Vet weighing dog on scales.

7 effective ways to help your obese dog lose weight

Is your dog obese? Here's how you can help them trim down.
A bee pollenating Russian Sage.

5 pet-safe plants to have in your home in October

These festive October plants are safe for your pets.
A long-haired calico cat with green eyes gazes up at the camera.

5 fun facts about calico cats you should know

Here's what you should know about calico cats and their breed.
A veterinarian in blue scrubs listens to a senior German Shepherd on an exam table.

Experts explain how to treat anemia in dogs and prevent it from returning

Experts weigh in on treating anemia in dogs and prevent it from returning.
A Maine Coon cat reaches his snow-covered paw toward the camera.

9 effective ways to keep your cats warm in cold weather

Keep your cat warm in winter with these effective strategies.
Man with dog on fall hike.

The best places to vacation with your dog in October

These dog-friendly vacation spots are amazing to visit in October.