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Cat sitting in front of a Litter Robot litter box

Here’s exactly what you need to do if your cat stops using the litter box

This is what to do if your cat suddenly stops using the litter box.
Black and white cat lying on a pillow

Anyone can make adorable DIY cat bed ideas in a day (Yes, even you!)

Here are cute DIY cat bed ideas that are easy to make.
Orange and white cat sitting in a blue bin

Why do cats hide when they are sick?

Here are the reasons why cats hide when they are sick.
A brown and white cat licking a person's hand

Why does your cat lick you? The reasons are actually sweet

Here are the reasons why your cat is licking you.
Siamese cat crouched down in a grassy area

These low-shedding cat breeds are great if you want a low-maintenance pet

These are the most low-shedding cat breeds for low-maintenance.
Cat outdoors wearing a blue harness attached to a leash

How to put a harness on a cat without getting scratched

Here's how to correctly put a harness on a cat without getting scratched.
Three cats lying on a bed, looking at a laptop screen

7 cat podcasts to listen to right now that will have you hooked

These are the best cat podcasts to listen to right now.
Kitten biting the toe of a blue Croc shoe

How to stop a kitten from biting once and for all

Here's how to stop your kitten from biting you once and for all.
Close-up of a cat lying on a couch, kneading the cushion

Why do cats knead and is this behavior normal?

This is why cats knead with their paws and what the behavior means.
Cat sitting on a wooden bench licking a cucumber

Why are cats terrified of cucumbers? The reason is downright creepy

Everything you need to know about why cats are afraid of cucumbers
Black and white cat sleeping in a cat hammock

Feliway spray: What it is, why you need it, and how to use it

Here are tips for how to make Feliway spray work for your cat.
Orange cat sitting in a covered litter box, looking out

The best cat litter under $25 that doesn’t stick to paws

This cat litter is great and it won't make a mess in your house.
White longhaired cat grooming itself

How to deal with matted cat fur the right way

De-mat your cat's fur with this painless method that's easy to do.
Two cats sleeping and cuddling together

Yes, cat sleep music is a thing, and nervous cats love it

If your cat tends to be nervous and stressed, you should try cat sleep music.
Kitten lying inside of a blue blanket

The best cat blankets under $20 so comfy, you’ll be jealous of your cat

These blankets will create a truly cozy atmosphere for cats.
Grey cat sitting behind a white cat and grooming it

Why do cats groom each other? Weird cat behavior explained

Ever wonder why cats are always grooming each other? Here's what you need to know.
Black and white cat playing with a toy

The best sleeping cat toys under $27 to save your sanity

Your cat will love these sleeping cat toys (and so will you).
Two feral cats sitting outdoors by a wall

6 important things you should know about feral cats

What's a feral cat? Here's everything you need to know.
Cat sitting inside of a cardboard box

Why do cats like boxes so much? It’s not just because they’re weird

Cats always seem to love boxes more than what's in them. Here's why.
Cat sleeping on a wooden board outdoors

Is your cat drooling a lot? Here’s what to do about it

This is why cats drool and what you should do about it.
Woman feeding a longhaired cat a treat

4 fun things to do with your cat this fall

Try these fun fall activities you can do with your cat.
Tiger cat yawning and stretching in the sun

A comprehensive guide to your cat’s body language

This is how you can read your cat's body language.
A cat stretching up to eat a treat out of a person's hand

3 great homemade cat treat recipes to make in October

These fall-themed cat treat recipes are perfect for October.
Holding a cat's paw and trimming its nails

Good, better, best: Cat nail clippers that get the job done quickly

Trimming your cat's nails has never been easier than with these nail clippers.
Closeup of a white cat's face with vivid green eyes

We just can’t stop playing the Bongo Cat game

The Bongo cat game is super entertaining for animal lovers.
Black and white cat lying in a cat bed

10 telltale signs your cat is happy

If you're unsure if your cat is happy or not, these are the signs to look out for.
Woman feeding a longhaired cat a treat

3 adorable Halloween treats you can make for your cat

While you're gorging on candy, your cat can have these Halloween-inspired cat treats.
White cat sitting in a litter box

Why you shouldn’t flush cat litter (even if it says it’s flushable)

Disposing of cat litter the right way is essential. Here's why you should never flush cat litter.
Woman feeding a longhaired cat a treat

We made these grain-free cat treats, and our cats loved them

These grain-free cat treats are healthy — and your cat will think they're great, too.
Sphinx cat wearing a yellow sweater

6 adorable sweaters for your hairless cat

We love these cute sweaters — and your hairless cat will, too.
White cat lying down and grooming itself

This is why cats clean themselves after they eat

Cats are fastidious, especially after eating. This is why they're always grooming themselves.
Cat inside of a large kennel

We’re debunking these 5 myths about cat boarding

There are a lot of misconceptions out there about boarding your cat. We debunk the myths.
Cat sitting and eating a treat

Is your cat addicted to treats? This is how to kick the habit

Treats are fine on occasion, but too much is bad for your pet. Here's how to curb the habit.
Kneeling down cleaning a litter box with a cat sitting nearby

5 simple ways to keep litter from sticking to the box

Here's how to keep litter from sticking to your litter box.
Grey and white cat lying down with a wooden heart ornament

Do cats know you love them? These 6 strategies really work

Not sure if your cat loves you? By following this advice, you'll be closer than ever in no time.
Kitten playing with a toy

Good, better, best: Electronic toys with lots of movement your cat will love

These moving cat toys will keep your pet entertained for hours.
cat diet shedding food feeding

Why your cat’s diet might be making them shed

Diet can affect how much your cat sheds. Here's what you should know.
Grey cat lying on a white comforter on a bed

7 useful tips to get your cat to sleep in your bed at night

If you like cuddling with your cat at night, here are some tips for making your bed more appealing.
Orange cat sitting in a covered litter box, looking out

Stop making your cats share a litter box — here’s why

This is what you need to know about litter boxes if you have multiple cats.
Kitten chewing on the stem of a small pumpkin

Why you should be feeding your cat pumpkin

If you're obsessed with pumpkin, take heart: this fall favorite is great for your cat, too. Here's why.
cats eat cheese

Can cats eat cheese? What you need to know before snack time

People may love cheese, but is it good for your cat?
Cat stretching out and rubbing its chin against a corner

This is why your cat headbutts you

Does your cat like to headbutt? Here's where that behavior comes from.
Woman feeding a longhaired cat a treat

4 DIY fall recipes you can make for your cat

These cat treats will get your fur baby in a seasonal mood.
White cat grooming himself against a black background

Why your cat is overgrooming and how to stop it

If your cat is grooming a little too much, it could be behavioral or medical. Here's what to do.
senior cat adoption yawning while on a basket

6 top reasons you should adopt a senior cat

Just because you’re looking to adopt a cat doesn’t mean you should choose a kitten. There are a lot of great reasons why you should consider a senior cat.
Orange and white cat lying under blankets

How you can take the stress out of boarding for your cat

Boarding can be a stressful experience for cats, but there are ways you can help their anxiety. This is what to do when you’re boarding your pet.
Orange cat lying in a metal kennel

6 great ways to save money on your pet’s vet bills

Vet visits can get expensive, but there are ways to cut costs. These are the top strategies to get a little help with your vet bills.
Cat curled up in a sink

4 totally normal reasons why your cat follows you to the bathroom

Does your cat love to follow you into the bathroom? Here's why.
Dwarf hamster sitting in a cage corner

Hamster vs. guinea pig: Which pet is right for you?

Hamsters and guinea pigs are very different. So should you adopt a guinea pig or hamster? Here's how to choose between the two.
Cat eating out of a bowl in a yard, looking stressed

How to curb food aggression in cats

Try these strategies if your cat suffers from food aggression