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Orange cat sleeping on the edge of a piece of furniture

How to manage your cat’s sleep cycle so you get a restful night

Cats are naturally nocturnal, but you can follow these strategies to keep them from keeping you up at night.
Cat climbing out of a Litter Robot litter box

Is your home stinky? Try these litter box smell hacks

There's no reason for your litter box to smell bad.
Jack Russell Terrier on a couch with dog hair.

Try these useful tips to easily clean up pesky pet hair

Pet hair can get everywhere—your clothes, your furniture, the carpet. Here's how to clean it up easily.
Cat sitting in an open suitcase

3 cat travel supplies you can’t leave home without

Traveling with cats can be hard. These supplies make it easier.
Tiger kitten sitting underneath a table

Do these 4 things to kitten-proof your home

Bringing home a new kitten? Follow these kitten-proofing tips to keep your new pet safe.
Tiger kitten laying on a blanket, looking upward

Get rid of your clumping litter — this is the best litter for kittens

Here's how to choose the right litter for your kitten.
Orange cat looking at a laptop

6 best podcasts for cat lovers

These are the best podcasts for cat owners to listen to.
Senior cat sleeping on a cat tree perch

These useful tips can help you support your senior cat’s health

This is how to best support your senior cat as she ages to keep her healthy.
Cat eating out of a food dish

Not sure what to do if your cat isn’t eating? 3 useful tips to try

Help your cat regain his appetite with these solutions.
Yawning tiger cat showing off his teeth

This self-cleaning cat toothbrush is amazing — and it’s only $4.99

Dental health is essential for cats and this toothbrush toy can help.
Cat sitting on a rock wearing a leather collar

4 amazing leather cat collars under $20 that look like they cost way more

Your cat will love these leather collars — and you'll love the price.
Man holding a young kitten

Study proves cats really are just (lovable) jerks

Science says it's not just you — cats really aren't as loyal as dogs.
Cat eating out of a food dish next to a water dish

Affordable, healthy cat food: Our top 4 picks

Giving your cat the right nutrients doesn't have to break the bank.
Cat sitting in an owner's lap, looking up at a laptop

5 hilarious YouTube channels about cats

These YouTube channels have the best funny cat videos.
Cat sniffing at a plastic water fountain

Good, better, best: Cat water fountains your pet will love

Drinking is refreshing and fun with these cat water fountains.
Gray cat sleeping in a litter box

3 reasons why your cat is sleeping in the litter box

Cats could be sleeping in the litter box for a number of medical or behavioral reasons.
Cat sitting in front of a Litter Robot litter box

4 of the best large-cat litter boxes under $40 we’ve ever seen

Have a big cat? These litter boxes will work well for them.
Cat eating out of a food dish next to a water dish

Good, better, best: Affordable dry cat food for indoor cats

Indoor cats will eat these healthy dry food brands up.
Grey cat sleeping in a cozy cat bed

The best cat beds under $75 for a comfortable sleep

Having a comfortable place to sleep is important. With these cat beds, sleep will come easy to your pets.
White cat scratching a scratching post

Why cats scratch your furniture and how to get them to stop

Cats scratch, but you don't have to let them redecorate your home
Cat sitting in front of a Litter Robot litter box

How to pick a spot for the litter box so your cat will actually use it

Finding the right home for the litter box is essential for making sure your cat will use it.
Cat riding in a red cat stroller

Good, better, best: Cat strollers your feline friend will love

Your cat really will live like royalty in these cat strollers.
Orange cat sitting in front of a laptop

This show on Discovery+ is perfect for cat lovers

This is the perfect bingeworthy show for cat lovers.
Vizsla cocking its head and looking at the camera

These 5 simple tips can help you get the perfect photo of your pet

Want to photograph your pet? Follow these tips for great results.
Cat sitting and looking out of a window

3 comfy cat window perches that are easy to install

These comfy cat window perches offer a great view. They're also easy to install.
Cat sleeping on its back in the sun

Here’s where your cat prefers to sleep

A comfortable spot is essential to a cat's sleep. These are their favorite sleeping areas.
Tabby cat outdoors in a grassy area

The best cat trackers worth every penny for your peace of mind

These cat locators will give you peace of mind when your cat is hiding.
Tabby cat sitting next to a blue litter box

Everything you need to know about cleaning your litter box

With these steps, your cat's litter box will stay fresh and clean.
Cat lying on bed while he's pet on his back

How to pet a cat and not get mauled

Follow these tips to make sure you're petting your cat the right way.
Orange cat outdoors wearing a collar

The best escape-proof cat harnesses your kitty (and wallet) will love

Your cat will have a hard time getting away with these escape-proof harnesses.
White dog lying on its back on a hardwood floor

5 handy tips to make apartment hunting with a dog less stressful

Apartment hunting when you have a dog doesn't have to be stressful. Follow these 5 tips to make your life a little easier.
Black cat looking at a dinner plate

A quick guide for the people food cats can (and can’t) eat

There's some food you eat that cats can enjoy — and some you should never give them. Here's what you need to know.
Kitten playing with a toy

The best electronic cat toys under $25 to keep frisky cats entertained

Cats will love to play with these interactive toys and they'll get a good workout, too.
Vet holding an orange cat

How you can prepare for big, emergency vet bills

If your pet needs emergency vet care, the last thing you want to worry about is how to pay. We offer tips and solutions for affording large medical bills.
Orange kitten lying in a pink cat bed

These 4 heated cat beds will keep your pet toasty and warm

Heated cat beds offer a cozy place to sleep. Here are 4 of the best you can get.
A girl and her dog sitting together in front of a lake

7 meaningful ways to memorialize your pet

Losing a pet is a painful process. Here are seven ways you can honor your pet's memory.
Cat reaching up to grab a treat

4 great treats to use when training your cat

A good reward makes training your cat easier. These are the best cat treats to use.
Tabby cat stepping into a litterbox

LitterLocker vs. Litter Genie: Picking the right one for you

Should you get the Litter Locker or Litter Genie? Here's what you should consider.
Cat eating a treat out of its owner's hand

Treating anemia in cats: What to know and where to start

If your cat is anemic, there are treatment options - here are some at-home remedies to try.
Gray and white cat sleeping in the sun on its back

What do your cat’s sleeping positions mean?

The way your cat sleeps may be able to tell you something about them. We list various positions and how to interpret them.
Orange cat looking through the holes of a gate

Should you get a cat gate?

What is a cat gate, and do you need one for your home? We cover the pros and cons, as well as the right types of cat gates.
Shorthair kitten sitting in a litter box

Choosing the best litter box liners

All litter box liners are not created equal. Think about these things when choosing one for your pet.
Young girl playing with puppy on a lawn

8 great pet options for toddlers and small children

Buying your toddler a pet is a big choice - here are some of the best pets for your little one
Grey cat looking at the camera and tilting his head to the side

What should you name your cat? 10 ideas for boys and girls

Not all cat names are created equal. Here are some of our favorite creative monikers for boys and girls
Epaulette shark swimming along an aquarium bottom

What to know before buying a small shark for your home aquarium

Sharks are cool, but do you need one for your home aquarium? We discuss the pros and cons, and how to choose the right small shark.
quiet birds for apartments pair of parkeets perched on a branch

4 quiet bird breeds for apartment living

Do you want a bird, but are worried it will make too much noise? Here are some birds that typically stay silent.
Silhouette of man and dog running in a field

These 5 running shoes under $100 let you keep up with your active dog

Let yourself and your dog off the leash with these comfortable tennis shoes that will ensure you can keep up
lop rabbit sitting on a lawn

Your rabbit’s weight: What you need to know

Rabbits can be over – or under – weight. Here's what you need to know about your bunny's weight.
Macaw perched on a branch stretching out one wing

What does it mean when your parrot sings?

Parrots love to sing and chatter, but why? Here's what it means when your parrot sings randomly
Green Tree Python draped over a branch

Building the best snake habitat for your new pet

How to build your own snake habitat your slithering little friend will love