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A beagle puppy getting a bath in a blue tub

Avoid getting splashed for puppy’s first bath — here’s how

Your puppy will love bath time if you follow these steps.
a yellow labrador holds a blue leash in their mouth and looks off to the side

What you need to know about your dog’s leash length

Make sure you've got the right length leash for your pooch.
a golden retriever puppy sits behind the wires of an outdoor dog kennel

Good, better, best: Dog kennels your pooch will love

Dogs will have all the space they need with these outdoor kennels.
A white Pomeranian sits on a gray couch and eats a treat out of someone's hand

5 useful tips for training your blind dog safely

If your dog is blind, you can still help him live a full life.
a brown french bulldog puppy in a harness sleeps on a blanket

What you need to know about securing a dog harness the right way

Dog harnesses can be great — as long as they fit right.
Bag of kibble and hand full of food a dog is sniffing

Make your dog food last with these 6 storage tips

Make your dog food last with these simple solutions.
a woman with short hair and a white shirt lies on the floor next to a fluffy white and brown husky puppy

The best Mother’s Day gifts under $25 all fur moms will love

Fur moms can show off their love for their pet with these 5 great gifts.
a Jack Russel terrier puppy sits behind a silver food bowl

A pet owner’s guide for switching to adult dog food

Is it time for your dog to transition to adult food? Here's what you need to know.
a black cavapoo in a red sweatshirt stands outside and looks at the camera

Pet profiles: Meet Chloe, a little cavapoo with a lot of love

In this piece, we’ll get to know sales manager Nicole Abbondandolo and her pup Chloe, a sweet lap dog with brains and beauty to match.
a brown and white dog stands in front of his crate

3 escape-proof dog crates under $500 for your furry little Houdini

These dog crates can keep your fur baby from escaping.
a woman takes a picture of her small dog in the park

These 5 dogs have more Instagram followers than you’ll ever get

These are the dog Instagram accounts you need to follow right now.
a siberian husky sits with its back facing the camera between the legs of two people on a grassy hilltop

5 must-have items under $30 for hiking with your dog

Dogs love the outdoors — and with these accessories, they'll love hiking.
three chocolate labrador puppies lie in the grass around daisies

4 tips for being an awesome foster parent for orphaned puppies

It's best for newborn puppies to remain with their moms — but if that's not an option, here's what to do.
Baxter the Australian Labradoodle sleeps on an armchair

Pet profiles: All about Baxter, the top dog

Today we’ll check in with Digital Trends Media Group’s CEO Ian Bell and his pup — an Australian labradoodle named Baxter.
a golden retriever puppy looks at the camera from inside a hiker's backpack

How to use your iPhone to find fun places to explore with your dog

Your phone is a great way to find new places to explore with your dog.
cool dog house ideas english bulldog mosaic tile red wall

10 cool doghouse ideas to give your pup a unique space

The right dog house can match your dog's personality.
A black and white French bulldog holds their head out of a car window on a sunny day

Follow these tips to make car rides bearable for your anxious dog

Dogs don't always love car rides —here's how to make it bearable for them.
a black labrador retriever in a vest walks with a man in a coat who carries a cane, outdoors in autumn

Everything you ever wanted to know about guide dog training

Guide dog training is a serious business. This is what you need to know
a woman stops on a sunny walk to check her blonde dog for ticks

How to keep your dog (and home) safe from ticks

With the weather warming up, dogs will spend more time outside. Here's how to keep them clear of ticks.
dog leash types french bulldog black white grass outdoors person

How to choose the right type of dog leash for your pup

Consider these factors when getting your dog a leash.
a black and white french bulldog puppy sleeps in the arms of a person wearing a sweater

3 effective tips to make puppy sleep training less of a nightmare

Puppies need to adjust to new environments — but you can help them sleep at night
a chocolate lab takes a carrot out of a person's hand

Are raw carrots good for dogs? How to serve this healthy treat

Carrots offer a lot of great benefits for dogs. Here's how you should serve them.
Senor golden retriever sitting in the grass

What you need to know about incontinence in older dogs

Here's how to help your older dog with incontinence.
a hungarian viszla wearing a pink life jacket stands on a rock in front of a blue sky

The best dog life jackets to keep your pup safe

When you're going out on the water with your pup, make sure he's properly protected.
two dogs fighting energetic mutts play for dominance dramatically on grass

How to stop your dogs from fighting without getting hurt

Two dogs can be fun…until they start fighting. Learn what to do.
a gray long-haired cat sits on the top of a white cat tower in front of a white wall

The best cat trees under $100 you can get with your stimulus money

These cat trees will entertain your cat for hours and are worth the splurge.
A beige dog in a purple collar holds a toy in her mouth, a side profile outside in the grass

How to teach a dog to fetch in 5 easy steps

Playing fetch is a time-honored tradition between people and dogs. Here's how to teach them.
a black and white cocker spaniel sits in front of a gray and black dog house

Good, better, best: Doghouses worth spending some of your stimulus check on

These doghouses are great options for your pets and well worth the money.
a corgi puppy naps in a crate in a pile of blankets and plushies

4 fantastic dog crate decorating ideas to consider

Dog crates don't have to look sterile—here's how to make them homey.
A brown French bulldog lies on the floor next to their black food dish

Can dogs eat seafood? Yes, if you follow these tips

Can dogs eat seafood? Absolutely — as long as you follow these rules.
a white and brown chihuahua in a blue patterned sweater reaches toward a treat their owner is holding up

6 easy DIY dog treats anyone could make

These homemade dog treats will be made with love and care (but won't take too much effort).
A black dog with a white face leans his large head on his human's side

5 telltale signs of aging in dogs to look out for

All dogs get older. Here are five ways you'll likely see dogs start to change as they grow into their golden years.
an American Eskimo dog rests on a dark sofa

Pet profiles: Meet Frosty, the fluff behind our Ad Ops stuff

Meet Frosty, one talented American Eskimo pup with tons of personality, and even more love to give.
a golden retriever sits in the grass with a bone on their nose, listening to a command to "wait"

Golden retriever training: Our top tips

Golden retrievers are among the most popular dogs for pets — train them properly with these simple steps.
a girl bends down to hand a Dalmatian a bowl of food in front of a pink wall

Chicken and rice: Dogs love it, too

Whether your pup is sick or you'd prefer homemade meals, dogs love chicken and rice.
a woman holds and kisses a dog in front of a sunny window

Insurance showdown: Pets Best vs. Healthy Paws

Which is better: Pets Best or Healthy Paws? We weigh in
a green veiled chameleon walks on concrete in front of a clear blue sky

Chameleon care: How to address shedding, loneliness, and more

Care for your new chameleon with this guide to health and wellness
what pet best for me cat kitty woman sunlight snuggle

Your burning question answered: ‘What kind of pet is right for me?’

Choosing a pet is no simple task - here's how to decide which one is right for you
pet profile famous shamus rescue dog

Pet profiles: Famous Shamus steals the spotlight from our Commerce Development team

This lovable, athletic Dane/lab/pit mix is enjoying his time in the spotlight, thanks to his rescue mom.
bird biting training green parrot bite beak open

Bird biting too hard? Here’s how to change that behavior

Train your bird out of biting with these training tips
a black and white french bulldog puppy sleeps in the arms of a woman wearing a purple sweater

Can you give Tylenol to dogs?

Dog whimpering in pain? Try these pain relief methods
a beige rabbit in a harness and attached to a leash sits in a patch of green grass on a cloudy day

Tips for choosing the perfect rabbit harness and leash

What are the signs of a good rabbit harness? Here's what to look for
a white cat with black markings turns to the side and yawns wide with tongue out

7 weird, wonderful cat names friends and family will definitely remember

Make your cat even more of an unforgettable presence with these name ideas.
a beige terrier puppy and a gray kitten sleep on top of one another in a white bed, with a red knitted heart toy

Don’t forget the pets this Valentine’s Day! 7 cute gifts for your dog or cat

Show your pet some love this Valentine’s Day with these adorable gifts
gray guinea pig sits between two purple dasies

6 smart tips for training your guinea pig

Can you train your guinea pig? With these tips, it should be a breeze
a person holds their finger out to a brown rabbit's mouth

How to know if your rabbit loves you

Bunnies do show affection - this is how yours tells you they love you
a yorkshire terrier eats a treat from a person's hand with a skateboard in the grass in the background

4 effective, positive ways to discipline a dog

Discipline isn't a dirty word - this is how you can train your pet well.
a blue betta fish swims in a small aquarium with rocks on the bottom

DIY aquarium background ideas you have to try

Decorate your aquarium with these amazing DIY ideas.
two macaw parrots sit on a perch, nestling into one another

What you need to know about breeding pet birds

Thinking about bird breeding? Here's what to consider.
a Rottweiler holds a yellow children's ball in his mouth, showing his bottom teeth playfully

Everything you need to know about dog dental insurance

Dog dental insurance has its pros and cons. We break it down for you here.