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Dog mealtime & treats

A small dog drinks from a water bottle

How much water should a dog drink? You might be surprised by the answer

It can be hard to know exactly how much water a dog is supposed to drink, especially when each pup is different. Fortunately, we have all the answers here.
can dogs eat cheese girl with cute beagle and on a white plate

Can dogs eat cheese? Here’s what to know before letting Fido indulge

Can dogs eat cheese? Is cheese bad for dogs? It depends on your pet. Here's what to know before letting Fido have a bite.
yellow lab being fed dinner

Dinnertime woes: How to soften your dog’s food

Our best tips and tricks to soften your dog's hard kibble without turning it to mush
a man sits on the floor with his white fluffy dog and feeds the dog a treat off his plate

Make snacks last: 3 great DIY dog treats that won’t spoil quickly

Your dog will love these homemade dog treats — and you'll love their staying power
A Dachshund eats from a food bowl filled with kibble

The best dog food for dachshunds: 5 healthy choices for your pup

Learn what dog food is ideal for your dachshunds, and where to find it.
pet food shortage tips couple buying dog in store

The price of dog food is insane: Pet parents’ best tips to handle shortages

The pet food shortage is affecting not only the price of dog food, but the health and wellness of our pets. These are the best solutions Reddit has to offer.
a boston terrier in american flag sunglasses and patriotic beads looks to the side, looking cool

Get in the festive spirit: 6 simple DIY dog treats for the 4th of July

While you’re busy making grocery lists, don’t forget to think about your fur babies this 4th of July, too — maybe with some DIY dog treats.
someone holds out a treat as a golden retriever waits to eat it

These soft, tasty senior dog treats are under $13 and absolutely perfect for pups without teeth

Senior dog treats can help with a variety of issues that come with aging. It can be hard to find them for toothless pups. We did the searching.
video of a dog eating mangoes great pyrenees and treat

Dog’s viral reaction to eating a mango is adorable (and relatable)

This Great Pyrenees lived up to the majestic origins of the breed when she got her first taste of mango and had the best reaction to it.
Small dog eating from bowl

Is it cheaper to make your own dog food? What you need to consider before making the switch

Is making dog food cheaper than buying it? Let’s find out about preparing dog food at home and how costs compare.
Sleeping dog with teddy bear toy

4 best BarkBox alternatives you should consider to make your pup happy

These are the best BarkBox alternative dog subscriptions, no matter how your pup likes to play.
A dog with big brown eyes looks up from an empty food dish in front of them

This is the super disturbing reason why you need to wash your dog’s bowl more

Pet parents need to wash their dog's food bowl daily for proper dog food what you're NOT doing putting your health at risk?
Maltese dog watches-owner spoon peanut butter

Can dogs eat peanut butter? Yes — 8 easy-to-make treats your pup will devour

Can dogs eat peanut butter? What are the best peanut butter treat recipes?
Hemp leaf laying beside dog treats.

Do dogs actually benefit from CBD treats? This is what the experts say

Dog CBD treats are all the rage. But do they actually work? We asked experts.
Dog chewing on rawhide bone.

Is rawhide bad for dogs? Why you have to get rid of their favorite treat

What you need to know if you're still offering your dog rawhide treats.
Someone holds out their toast with almond butter to share with their dog

Why you need to stop feeding your dog almond butter right now

Not all nut butters are the same. Why you need to stop feeding your dog almond butter.
adorable dog magic video trick

Cuteness alert: This dog’s reaction to a magic trick is so pure

Have you ever considered performing magic tricks for your dog? In less than 10 seconds, this adorable video proves why magic for dogs is a good idea.
A young woman in the kitchen holds a silver dog bowl while her Beagle jumps to beg for food

The best dog food for beagles: What you should (and should never) give your pup

What should your Beagle be eating daily? These are the best dog food picks — and what you shouldn't feed them.
Three golden retriever puppies eat from silver bowls on the floor

Golden retriever puppy foods that will help them grow into those big paws

Learn what your Golden Retriever puppy should be eating on a daily basis.
Rottweiler puppy running with a dish in his mouth.

Rottweiler puppies will eat you out of house and home without these tips

What food should I feed my Rottweiler puppy? What to avoid?
A poodle sits on a chair at a dining table with kibble on a plate in front of them

You don’t need special Poodle food (but your pup probably needs a specific diet)

Here's what you should be aware of when choosing a food for your poodle.
German shepherd eating from bowl.

Skip the fancy brands: A German Shepherd diet you can afford

What is the ideal diet for a German Shepherd? You don't need to spend a fortune.
A black and white French bulldog puppy chews on a stick.

The world is not your dog’s salad bar: Why you shouldn’t let dogs eat plants

How to stop your dog from eating plants that could be harmful.
A puppy eating blueberries from a terra cotta bowl.

Can dogs eat blueberries? What you should know about offering them as a treat

Here's everything you need to know about whether dogs can safely eat blueberries?
A Golden Retriever eating from a stainless steel bowl.

Can dogs safely eat cinnamon? Experts agree you need to be super careful

If you feed your dog cinnamon, there are some guidelines you'll want to follow.
A dog sniffing a cat on a bookshelf

Video of cat feeding a dog treats like he’s some sort of peasant is priceless

This video of a cat feeding a dog treats shows they're a perfect team.
Someone in the background feeds a dog table scraps from the table

10 human foods that are safe for your dog to devour

Feel good about feeding your dog these 10 human foods.
A yellow labrador licks his lips as he waits for his meal

5 healthy homemade dog food recipes your best friend will love

These easy homemade dog food recipes are great for your pup.
a dog sitting in a straw chair next to banana basket

Can puppies eat bananas? You’ll want to be careful

Here's what you need to know about whether puppies can eat bananas.
a bowl of kibble with dog paws on wooden floor

Wondering how much to feed a puppy? You’ll want to be careful

Follow these guidelines to know how much to feed your puppy.
Dog looking at food in dish.

What are the best high-fiber dog foods? Here’s what the reviews say

This is the best high-fiber dog food under $65 for your pet.
Two poodle puppies sit at the dining table with plates of kibble

How much should you be feeding your dog? Consider this first

Here's how much kibble you should be feeding your dog.
A man feeds his Akita bites of a croissant.

Every pet owner should have this list of toxic foods that are harmful to dogs

Dog owners will want to keep this list of toxic food for dogs handy.
custom dog food shutterstock 529157980 2

Is custom-formulated dog food ordered from the internet really better?

Is custom dog food really better for your dog? Here's what the experts say
a beagle eats out of a silver dog food bowl

7 best dog foods under $50 to feed your Beagle

These are the best dog foods you can feed your beagle.
mastiff lying on bed

5 best dog treats your Mastiff will love

These dog treats are great for mastiffs and they'll love them.
is salt bad for dogs

Is salt bad for dogs? It can be dangerous if you aren’t careful

This is what you should know before feeding your dog salty foods.
A dog lies down next to a pile of green squash

Can dogs have squash? Everything you need to know

Here's what you should consider before feeding your dog squash.
A golden retriever carries a jack-o-lantern treat bucket in his mouth

3 delicious Halloween treats you can make for your dog

These Halloween dog treats are adorable and great for your pooch.
Yellow Lab eating a carrot

10 best healthy veggies you can share with your dog

These vegetables are delicious, healthy, and great for your dog.
Bone-shaped dog food in a metal dog food bowl

Fromm Family dog food voluntarily recalled: Is it in your dog’s bowl?

Fromm family canned dog food has been recalled due to Vitamin D risk.
Spanish water dog playing in the bed of his owner with Halloween costume.

3 amazing homemade dog treats to make for your pet in October

These fall-inspired dog treats are perfect for October.
A girl hands out a treat to an Australian shepherd

Can dogs have walnuts? What you need to know

Walnuts aren't the safest treat for your dog. Here's why and what you should feed them instead.
a labradoodle puppy sits and holds an ear of corn in their mouth

6 fall foods you love that are great for dogs, too

These fall foods are healthy and nutritious for dogs.
pet profiles prince profile

Pet profiles: This Weimaraner is a true prince

Meet Prince, a regal Weimaraner who's ready to snuggle his way into your heart.
A pug eats kibble from a blue dog bowl

The best dog food to keep your pug from gaining too much weight

These are the dog food items that will keep your pug healthy and happy.
dog and human cooking in the kitchen

Making dog food in your Instant Pot is easy — here’s how

This is how you can use your Instant Pot to make homemade dog food.
a pug sits next to a woman in bed while the woman eats oatmeal

Why oatmeal is good for dogs in moderation

Oatmeal is a staple in human diets for a reason. It can also be a healthy addition to your dog's routine.
Two Pembroke Welsh corgis chew on a pumpkin on an autumn picnic

Is pumpkin bad for dogs? What you need to know

Pumpkin is a fall favorite, but should you feed it to your dog?
an Alaskan Malamute bites into an apple

Can dogs have apples? What you need to know

Should you give your dog apples? This is what you need to know about their nutritional value and the best ways to serve them.