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Dog mealtime & treats

a silver dog food bowl full of kibble

Over 130 dog deaths may be linked to Midwestern Pet Foods, FDA warns

Here’s everything you need to know about the Midwestern Pet Foods recall to keep your dog safe.
an Australian shepherd sits on his owner's lap at the breakfast tab;e

Barkcuterie: The charcuterie board you can share with your dog

Do you love sharing people food with your dog? This charcuterie board is delicious — and safe for your dog to eat.
pet subscription box guide shutterstock 1053453545 2

How to choose the best subscription box for your pet

Discover how to choose the best pet-related subscription box for your dog or cat, and save money when it comes to treating your pet to new treats and toys.
A gray and white greyhound eats a treat out of someone's hand

4 under-$10 dog treats greyhounds will love

Want to feed your greyhound something delicious and nutritious? These are the best dog treats for greyhounds.
dogs drink milk dog man

Can dogs drink milk? What you need to know

Want to give your dog the last bit of your vanilla ice cream but not sure if it's safe? Here's what you should know about dogs and dairy.
two golden retrievers eat from silver bowls

The best dog food under $80 good for golden retrievers

These are the best dog food options for golden retrievers.
a bloodhound lifts their head and sniffs the air while looking to the side

The best dog treats under $15 your bloodhound will love

These are the best dog treats bloodhounds will enjoy.
A chocolate Labrador sniffs the heart shaped cookie held out to them

4 best cookbooks under $16 for DIY dog treats

These are the best cookbooks to get if you want to make your own dog treats.
someone's arm sets down a bowl of dog food in front of a yellow labrador retriever

Use the muffin pan trick to stop your dog from eating too fast

If your dog is eating too fast, a muffin pan can help slow him down.
high tech gadgets dogs shutterstock 608480789

High-tech gadgets, tools, and toys for dogs and their parents

Smart technology can help enhance the lives of our dogs. Here are eight products you should consider.
a golden retriever licks their lips in front of a food bowl

What you need to know about dehydrated dog food

There's a lot of dog food options out there — here are some reasons to consider dehydrated meals.
dog food cost monthly domestic life with pet  feeding hungry labrador retriever owner gives

What you need to know to make a good monthly budget for dog food

Dogs can be expensive—here's what you need to know about paying the right price for their food.
Bag of kibble and hand full of food a dog is sniffing

Make your dog food last with these 6 storage tips

Make your dog food last with these simple solutions.
Baxter the Australian Labradoodle sleeps on an armchair

Pet profiles: All about Baxter, the top dog

Today we’ll check in with Digital Trends Media Group’s CEO Ian Bell and his pup — an Australian labradoodle named Baxter.
a chocolate lab takes a carrot out of a person's hand

Are raw carrots good for dogs? How to serve this healthy treat

Carrots offer a lot of great benefits for dogs. Here's how you should serve them.
dog running with paint brush

How to set up a fun Easter egg hunt for your dog

Dogs love Easter egg hunts, too. Here’s how to set one up.
organic dog food bowl

The truth about homemade dog food

Making homemade dog food is a growing trend but is it the right decision for your dog?
A girl bends down to hand a Dalmatian a bowl of food in front of a pink wall

Chicken and rice: Dogs love it, too

Whether your pup is sick or you'd prefer homemade meals, dogs love chicken and rice.
Dog stares at his food bowl

Your sick dog may want to eat these foods instead of kibble

Keep these foods on hand the next time your dog is under the weather
how often should you feed a puppy dog licking lips after eating out of bowl

How often should you feed a puppy?

Congratulations on your new fur baby! Here's a guideline to help you establish a puppy feeding schedule to make sure your pooch gets the proper nutrition.
labrador and cookies

The table scraps you can (and can’t) give your dog

Feeding your dog from the table can be a treat -- as long as it doesn't hurt your pooch.

Pet profiles: Lulu Belle’s small size makes a big mark for our IT team

Profiling Lulu, our pint-size pup from IT who keeps staff on their toes.
Two dogs together kitchen prep

Is DIY dog food really cheaper?

DIY isn't always cheaper - is that the case with dog food?
dog in front of a Christmas tree

This site does your last-minute shopping for you

If you are looking for a one stop shop for your last minute dog gift ideas, we have you covered.
Puppy running on green grass

5 eGift cards to make last-minute shopping a breeze

If you are freaking out about last minute gifts, here are some eGift card ideas for the pet lover in your life.
man and dog standing near dock

Training your dog at home: Everything you need to know

Everything you need to know to train your dog at home and see the results you want
dog with bananas on his head

Are cherries safe for dogs to eat?

Your dog may want to eat cherries -- but should you let them?
puppy food

Dog food 101: What ingredients to look for

Your dog’s food helps build the foundation for health and well-being, so it’s time to learn what to watch out for.
Dog sniffing an apple held by a person

What ‘people food’ is OK to give your dog?

Even though you may want to share your food with your dog, some foods are not good for them. Here is what you need to know
Black Labrador waiting for metal bowl held by person

Should dogs eat spicy food like chili?

Not everything you eat can be eaten by a dog. Let’s find out about dogs and spicy foods, as well as what people foods are safe for dogs.
Bulk dog food in shelves

How to store dry dog food and keep it fresh

It’s easy to keep your dog’s food fresh and tasting delicious. Follow the proper storage methods to properly store it
puppy food

When should you switch your puppy to adult dog food?

Puppies have special dietary needs, which change over time. Read our guide on feeding your puppy so they'll thrive.
Brown dog eating out of metal bowl

Dog food 101: Can you freeze dry dog food?

When you buy your dog’s favorite food, it can lead to overbuying. We list tips and tricks for freezing dog food that will ensure longevity
British Bull Dog Eating from Dog Bowl

Dog food 101: Can you freeze wet dog food?

If your dog eats wet dog food, you don’t have to throw away uneaten portion. Freezing it in usable portions should help preserve it