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Ragdoll cat lying on a table

5 affectionate cat breeds that actually like cuddling

Want to snuggle on the couch with your kitty? These cat breeds love spending time with their humans.
Orange longhaired cat lying in a sunny window

4 fantastic cooling pads for cats you need this summer

Does your cat need to beat the summer heat? These cooling pads can help.
best bunk beds furlow light walnut wood dog house

3 great bunk beds for cats and small dogs that save you space

Do you have multiple pets? These are the best bunk beds for your pets.
Dog up close to camera in the desert

We can’t stop watching this docuseries on Peacock

This docuseries is amazing and every pet lover should watch it.
Orange and white cat curled up

How to decipher your cat’s tail language

Your cat's tail has a language all its own. Here's what your cat is trying to tell you.
Tiger cat lying on a rug

How to help your new cat settle in

Follow this handy guide to bringing a new cat home to make sure your pet is safe, confident, and comfortable.
Black and white cat stretching in a catio

Now’s the time to build a catio — how to do it in a weekend

Want to build your own catio? We've got the tips and tricks you need.
Woman holding a kitten while outdoors

These friendship bracelets prove you and your cat are BFFs

These bracelet and cat collar combos are adorable. You and your cat will love them.
Orange cat sitting in a grassy yard

How long do cats go missing for? This is when you should worry

How long do cats usually wander off for? This is everything you need to know.
Orange and white cat standing on an open book

The best books for cat lovers looking for a new beach read

Whether you're relaxing at the beach or on the couch, these books about cats make great reads.
A person holding a pill out in front of a white cat

6 effective tips to make giving a cat a pill easy

Giving cats pills can be challenging, especially if you have a particularly uncooperative cat. Here's how you can make giving a cat a pill easier.
Person walking two dogs on leashes down a trail

How to set your pet sitter up for success

If you've hired a pet sitter, follow these steps to ensure their job is easy and your pets are well cared for.
A cat's paws draped over a white blanket

Experts explain why your cat kneads you

Wondering why your cat loves making biscuits? The experts have the answer.
Scared dog hiding under furniture.

6 effective ways to keep pets safe if a fire breaks out

No homeowner wants to think about a house fire, but when it comes to protecting your family (including pets), being proactive is essential. Here's what to do.
Two cats curled up together for a nap

Yes, cat retirement homes exist — this is what you need to know

It's terribly sad when an owner passes away or is no longer able to care for a cat. This is what you need to know about cat retirement homes.
Tiger cat lying on an oriental rug

How to get that cat-pee smell out of your carpet

Cat urine smells gross. Here's how to get that odor out of your carpet.
Orange and white cat wearing a collar sitting in a window

Make sure this information is on your cat’s ID tag today

This is the information your cat's ID tag needs to have.
Cat on a lawn eating grass

5 effective tips for a thriving cat grass garden

Cultivate a fantastic cat grass garden with these 5 tips.
Woman holding a tiger cat against her shoulder

Why your cat likes to put their butt in your face

These are the reasons why your cat shoves his butt into your face.
Orange cat wearing a collar with a tag

Why indoor cats need to wear collars, too

Indoor cats need to wear collars, too. This is what you should know.
Grey kitten sitting in a litter box

How to litter-train a kitten properly

Follow these strategies to get your kitten to use the litter box.
White cat grooming itself

Stop assuming frequent hairballs are normal for cats

Frequent hairballs aren't always normal for cats. This is what you should know.
Orange Persian cat out in a yard

6 excellent tips for keeping your Persian cat cool in the summer

Keep your Persian cat cool this summer by using these effective strategies.
Person scratching under a relaxed cat's chin

5 great calming aids for cats under $40 you can get right now

These are the best calming aids for cats that you can get.
Cat sitting in a catio enclosure

3 amazing catios we’re obsessed with

Cats love catios, and these are some of the best you can get.
Cat standing in a litter box in a living room

4 great alternatives to cat litter that are actually sustainable

Looking for alternatives to traditional cat litter? These are the best options.
Grey and white cat sitting in tall grass

The best cat grass kits under $20 that make growing easy

Cat grass offers plenty of health benefits for your cat. These are the best cat grass kits you can get.
choosing a pet carrier 34141555351 e99ff6f40e o

How to choose the perfect pet carrier for your small dog or cat

The right pet carrier for your small dog or cat depends on the type of travel you're planning and many other factors. Here's how to make the best choice.
Grey and white cat lying down

7 telltale signs of depression in cats you should know

Is your cat depressed? This is how you can tell and what you should do.
two tabby cats playing with a cat toy

Best Prime Day cat toy deals for 2021

Cats get bored with toys, so this deal helps you stock up, save money, and keep your cat entertained.
deals for days pet food litter

Why You Need to Stockpile Cat Food and Litter Today — But HURRY!

Walmart Prime Day is a perfect time to stockpile cat food and litter. Here's why and why you need to be fast!
Black and white cat playing with a toy

6 amazing cat toys under $16 from Frisco your kitty will love

Frisco has some great gear for cats, and this is what we recommend.
Cat sitting in an owner's lap, looking up at a laptop

Amazon knows you’re bored with Prime, so it has movies for your cats

These movies on Amazon Prime can keep a lonely cat occupied.
Cat sleeping on a polka dot cat bed chair

4 Disney-themed cat beds under $45 that are just magical

These Disney-themed cat beds are adorable and perfect for any cat.
Relaxed cat sleeping on its back on a couch

Why a cat-calming diffuser is what your anxious kitty needs

Cat-calming diffusers can help stressed out cats. This is what you need to know.
Orange cat sitting in front of a laptop

7 adorable cats to follow on Instagram right now

There's a reason these Instagram cats have so many followers.
pet profile snowflake oliver and

Pet profiles: Snowflake and Oliver, the feline duo behind our sales team

From movie nights to catnip toys, these sweet kitties are living large.
Orange Maine Coon cat climbing a tree branch

How to protect your Maine coon from the summer heat

This is how to keep your Maine coon cool this summer.
Cat sitting outside scratching its neck

How to choose the right flea and tick treatment for cats

There are a lot of different types of flea and tick treatments for cats. These are the pros and cons of each.
Cat wearing a harness in a field of grass

4 safe solutions for taking your indoor cat outside

Try these solutions if your indoor cat wants to spend time outside this summer.
foster pets 1 annette shaff

Fostering a pet: How you can save the life of a dog or cat in need

Fostering a dog or cat is one of the most rewarding experiences there is. Find out why and what you should take into consideration before you make a decision.
Cat climbing out of a Litter Robot litter box

Good, better, best: Modern litter boxes that hide in plain sight

These modern litter boxes will fit right in with your home decor.
Tiger kitten lying in a cat bed

The only new-kitten checklist you’ll ever need

This is everything you'll need if you're bringing home a new kitten for the first time.
shelter dog rescue 1

How to find the right rescue dog or cat for your home

This is what you need to know if you're looking to rescue a cat or dog from an animal shelter.
Orange and white cat sitting in grass

Why you should start a cat grass garden right now

A cat grass garden is a great idea for your cat. This is why.
Orange cat sleeping on the edge of a piece of furniture

How to manage your cat’s sleep cycle so you get a restful night

Cats are naturally nocturnal, but you can follow these strategies to keep them from keeping you up at night.
Cat sleeping on a keyboard

Why your house cat loves sitting on your keyboard when you need to use it

This is why your cat is constantly sitting on your keyboard.
Cat climbing out of a Litter Robot litter box

Is your home stinky? Try these litter box smell hacks

There's no reason for your litter box to smell bad.
Cat sitting in an open suitcase

3 cat travel supplies you can’t leave home without

Traveling with cats can be hard. These supplies make it easier.
Tiger kitten sitting underneath a table

Do these 4 things to kitten-proof your home

Bringing home a new kitten? Follow these kitten-proofing tips to keep your new pet safe.