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Cat riding in a red cat stroller

Good, better, best: Cat strollers your feline friend will love

Your cat really will live like royalty in these cat strollers.
Orange cat sitting in front of a laptop

This show on Discovery+ is perfect for cat lovers

This is the perfect bingeworthy show for cat lovers.
Cat sitting and looking out of a window

3 comfy cat window perches that are easy to install

These comfy cat window perches offer a great view. They're also easy to install.
boxer resting on porch

5 DIY tips to make your patio dog (or cat) friendly

This is how to make your patio a safe space for your pet.
Cat sleeping on its back in the sun

Here’s where your cat prefers to sleep

A comfortable spot is essential to a cat's sleep. These are their favorite sleeping areas.
Tabby cat outdoors in a grassy area

The best cat trackers worth every penny for your peace of mind

These cat locators will give you peace of mind when your cat is hiding.
a gray long-haired cat sits on the top of a white cat tower in front of a white wall

The best cat trees under $100 you can get with your stimulus money

These cat trees will entertain your cat for hours and are worth the splurge.
Tabby cat sitting next to a blue litter box

Everything you need to know about cleaning your litter box

With these steps, your cat's litter box will stay fresh and clean.
Dog who plays role of Benji in movie

5 incredible animal movies on Netflix for dog and cat lovers

5 animal movies you can stream on Netflix that are great for everyone.
Cat lying on bed while he's pet on his back

How to pet a cat and not get mauled

Follow these tips to make sure you're petting your cat the right way.
Orange cat outdoors wearing a collar

The best escape-proof cat harnesses your kitty (and wallet) will love

Your cat will have a hard time getting away with these escape-proof harnesses.
Black cat looking at a dinner plate

A quick guide for the people food cats can (and can’t) eat

There's some food you eat that cats can enjoy — and some you should never give them. Here's what you need to know.
Kitten playing with a toy

The best electronic cat toys under $25 to keep frisky cats entertained

Cats will love to play with these interactive toys and they'll get a good workout, too.
Orange kitten lying in a pink cat bed

These 4 heated cat beds will keep your pet toasty and warm

Heated cat beds offer a cozy place to sleep. Here are 4 of the best you can get.
Cat reaching up to grab a treat

4 great treats to use when training your cat

A good reward makes training your cat easier. These are the best cat treats to use.
the best milk replacer for kittens kitten

How to be successful at fostering kittens

If you're thinking about fostering kittens, this is what you need to know.
Tabby cat stepping into a litterbox

LitterLocker vs. Litter Genie: Picking the right one for you

Should you get the Litter Locker or Litter Genie? Here's what you should consider.
Black cat eats food off the floor

Cat always hungry? This might be why

If your cat is always in the mood to eat, there might be something going on - consider this
Two cats sleeping together

The funniest cat sleeping positions we’ve seen

Cats sleep in silly ways — here are some of the best we've seen
Cat scratches his ear on the floor

Why your indoor cat has fleas, and what you can do to stop them

You know he's not going outside, but your indoor cat still has fleas — here's how to root out the source.
Cat curled up in the sink

Why cats may suddenly change sleeping places

Is your cat napping in strange places? These might be the reasons why
Cat having fun on cat tower

6 modern cat towers that will look great in your home

These cat towers will please any pet, regardless of taste or style
Kittens eating together from a bowl

How to know when it’s time to change your cat’s food

Switch up your cat’s food when it’s time - here’s how to tell
Cat eating a treat out of its owner's hand

Treating anemia in cats: What to know and where to start

If your cat is anemic, there are treatment options - here are some at-home remedies to try.
Cat sneezing with flowers

Cat-choo! Why your cat may be constantly sneezing

Kitty sneezes are cute, but could be a concern - here are some of the reasons they could be sneezing constantly
Gray and white cat sleeping in the sun on its back

What do your cat’s sleeping positions mean?

The way your cat sleeps may be able to tell you something about them. We list various positions and how to interpret them.
Orange cat looking through the holes of a gate

Should you get a cat gate?

What is a cat gate, and do you need one for your home? We cover the pros and cons, as well as the right types of cat gates.
Shorthair kitten sitting in a litter box

Choosing the best litter box liners

All litter box liners are not created equal. Think about these things when choosing one for your pet.
Cat water fountains encourage health in your furry friend

Are cat water fountains worth the splurge?

Cat fountains — a trend, or worth the splurge? We weigh in.
Cat food storage solutions keep cat food fresh

7 cat food storage solutions that just make sense

Keep your cat food safe and protected with these storage solutions.
cat wearing collar

10 cute ID collars your cat will tolerate

Cats might not like collars, but they'll be at least a little accepting of these tags
Cat eating from bowl with food spilled on floor

Is your cat playing with its food? Here’s why

Mealtimes with your cat can sometimes become … eventful, and the food become a toy. We take a look at why your cat plays with its food
Hairless cat wearing a harness outside

If you really need to walk your cat, this is the best leash and harness set to buy

Want to walk your cat? These leashes and harnesses will make the task a little easier
Cat sitting in a car seat

Cat car rides are tough – get these accessories to make them easier

If you've ever taken a cat for a car ride, you know it can be difficult. Here are some ideas that will make it much better for them and you.
Cat getting checkup at vet

Need to increase your cat’s iron levels? Here’s where to start

Here's how to increase iron levels in your cat's blood in a healthy way
cat toy gift idea gray paws play reach

Is a cat dental cleaning worth it?

Cats hate dental cleaning, so should you invest? Here's everything you need to know.
Cat not eating his meal

How to help skinny cats put on some pounds

Some cats need to put on weight -- here's how to get yours to put on weight in a healthy way.
cat toy petmate review black spooky playing with lion

Itty Bitty Batters Lion: My cats’ new favorite toy

The Petmate Itty Bitty Batters lion toy is enjoyable for cats of all ages. Check out our hands-on review of this great cat toy.
Orange and white cat in a litterbox

Is homemade cat litter an effective alternative?

Cat litter is expensive, but is it worth it to make your own? We discuss.
Cat eating from their food bowl

If your cat is always eating, here’s what you need to know

Is your cat food-motivated, bored, or actually hungry? Here's what you need to know.

3 cat claw trimmers under $30 (and how to use them)

Cats might not like getting their claws trimmed, but it's got to happen anyway. These clippers will make it easier
Cat curled up under a soft blanket

5 soft blankets under $20 your cat will immediately take over

You and your cat can cuddle up against the cold with these cozy and inexpensive blankets
Cat looking out of a window

This simple $22 purchase made being a cat parent much easier

Sometimes there's one thing that makes a difference. This item is a must-have for any cat parent
Orange cat meowing

What it means when your cat won’t stop meowing at you

Cats meow to greet us, ask for food, and let us know when something’s wrong.
dog cat outdoors cuddling

Personalize these gifts for any pet parent – up to 25% off

Chewy is having an Early Cyber Savings Sale and it's packed with personalized pet gifts sure to dazzle the pet lover in your life.
dog with toy in dog bed

Check out these stocking stuffers your fur baby is bound to love

It's that time of year for decking halls and jingling bells and no one deserves to be spoiled rotten over the holidays than your pets. Lucky for you, Chewy has it covered.
the best stainless steel dog bowls

Chewy is having an amazing deal on toys, treats, and gear for dogs and cats right now

Chewy is having an Early Cyber Savings sale online on toys, treats, gear, and more.
cat playing in cat tree

Chewy has major sales on cat trees for your favorite feline friend

Chewy is making sure our fur babies have a merry holiday this year. During the Early Cyber Savings Sale, there are savings on cat trees sure to keep your feline entertained for hours.
Woman feeding cat a treat

Healthy cat treats: What you should look for

Let’s look at how to find a healthy cat treat that will benefit your cat’s health and well-being while also providing a fun moment here and there.
Two cats sleeping on cat tower

Innovative, modern cat furniture that will look great in your home

From towers to beds to scratching posts, there’s tons of furniture you can buy for your feline friend.